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Why subscribe to the Blue Book Online?

The Blue Book Online is a fantastic timesaver!  Mobile-friendly, easy to use, it is an ideal companion for a teacher’s professional journey.

Document your projects and learning, store your teaching resources and learning plans, and track your progress towards goals.  It’s simple to use, provides information and guidance along the way, making it ideal for the mentoring process as well as for the annual appraisal and recertification process.

In addition, it allows teachers to systematically organise and plan their professional development, revisit their learning, and engage with feedback from mentors / appraisers.

You can:
  • Upload notes, photos, and videos as you go
  • Meaningfully link your work with the Standards for the Teaching Profession and deepen your understanding through practice
  • Keep track of goals and documentation, receive and respond to feedback from your mentor / appraiser
  • Complete the provisional certification and mentoring process
  • Receive an annual summary report for your full certification process

If you don't currently have a subscription, try the Blue Book Online for free for one month!  You need to create an account HERE to take advantage of this trial; or if you have an account already, GO HERE

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