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About the Blue Book Online

What is the Blue Book?

The Blue Book is a means by which early childhood teachers can record and organise information they need for obtaining and maintaining their full practising certificate, as well as plan their ongoing professional development. The Blue Book is available as a hard copy folder and in online form.

Where did it come from?

The Early Childhood Council (ECC) produced the Teachers Registration Handbook some years ago. When the (then) New Zealand Teachers Council published the Registered Teachers Criteria (RTC), the ECC took the opportunity to revise the Blue Book to take account of the RTC and to add functionality to the Blue Book, so it could also assist teachers in preparing for their appraisal / performance review process.

How was it constructed?

The Blue Book was revised by a team of qualified early childhood teachers. A number of centre managers and the New Zealand Teachers Council / Education Council were also consulted.

The Blue Book Online further refines the folder model to provide greater guidance to teachers in each of the main components: “My Portfolio”, “My Plan” and “My Appraisal”. Here too, ECE qualified teachers and centre managers were involved in the construction of the Blue Book Online, in consultation with the Education Council.

How does it work?

The Blue Book online consists of three main components:

  1. My Portfolio – this section is based on the Standards for the Teaching Profession, which also incorporate Tataiako, the cultural competencies.

    • You can develop and expand your learning further by engaging with the Standards through reflective questions; either your own or select from our bank of prepared questions.
    • You can also enter free text notes of reflections arising from your teaching practice as well as upload any individual items of evidence.
    • You can establish your centre-level activity through the Centre Quality Practice Plan
    • All the information collated here in ‘My Portfolio’ forms the basis of your learning conversations with your appraiser.
  2. My Plan – this section enables you to self-review your strengths and identify your own objectives to address opportunities for improvement. Alternatively, you can select one or more prepared objectives from the bank.

    • You can sign off your achievement against your goals and then set new ones
    • You can sign and store your Teacher Mentor Agreement here
    • You can record your personal goals and objectives here
    • You can upload the completed centre-level activity here
  3. My Appraisal – this section presents information from My Portfolio and My Plan to assist you in your appraisal activities.

    • You can prepare and record your analysis of evidence against the Standards for the Teaching Profession here – and your mentor/appraiser can comment and sign these off individually
    • You can evaluate what personal and/or centre objectives have been achieved
    • You can evaluate and record how children’s learning and achievement has been impacted by your actions
    • You can contribute and sign off your part of the Annual Appraisal Summary Report

There are various additional features to the Blue Book Online available to teachers, including a range of reporting options, a profile section that enables you to add any extra person to access your Blue Book Online with read-only or read-write access and a “How to” guide that highlights how to get the best from your Blue Book Online.